It takes some coaches time to rebuild and turn around a program.

Correction — it takes basically every coach time to rebuild a program.

Scott Frost can be seen as an exception, as at UCF, he turned a winless team into an undefeated team in just two seasons. That obviously is an outlier.

But even so, it took a little time. In Year 1 with the Golden Knights, the team still finished 6-7 overall. So this week, when Frost looked ahead at Nebraska facing No. 19 Michigan, he said something a bit eye-popping.

But in reality, it’s not that crazy.

“This could get worse before it gets better,” Frost said. “We’re going up to play a really good team.”

Typically, you don’t see a coach say that sort of thing. But realistically, Nebraska is an underdog going up to Michigan. There’s a reason for that.

Scott Frost needs some time to turn around the Cornhuskers. Having two games under your belt just may not be enough time to go to Ann Arbor and come away with a victory.