On the verge of bowl game elimination, Scott Frost knows there are mumblings. As Nebraska sits at 3-6 on the season with Ohio State, Wisconsin and Iowa remaining on the schedule, it’s been hard to ignore rumors about his future with the program.

Though he admitted that he cannot avoid all the discussion from the outside world, he’s doing his best to ignore as much of it as possible. The reason? He says his team deserves all of his attention.

“I owe it to the kids to give them my everything,” Frost said Monday. “So do the coaches, and we are. And the kids are giving us everything they got right back because of our relationship.”

A postseason appearance has escaped the Huskers through Frost’s first 3 seasons. Unless they call win each of the final 3 games this year, they’ll be out of the mix again in 2021.

New athletic director Trev Alberts has voiced his support for Frost and the team multiple times since taking over for Bill Moos. There’s no indication, one way or the other, what the program will do at the end of the season.

Either way, Frost doesn’t seemed too concerned about it at this time.