Spring practice is underway in Lincoln, and head coach Scott Frost is set to embark on his third season as the head coach at Nebraska. And it hasn’t taken him long to learn to keep a few secrets from the media.

On Monday, Frost spoke with reporters about the first day of spring ball — which he thought went pretty well. In fact, the Huskers head coach thought it was the best first day of spring practice he’s seen since coming to Lincoln in 2018.

But Frost was hesitant to admit it.

“You guys got me afraid to come up and say we had a good practice,” Frost joke with reporters. “I know everybody wants to hear how practice went, and I was pleased today, but if I tell you guys it’s the best first day ever, then a bunch of you are gonna go place bets on us to win the next Super Bowl.”

Last season, Nebraska was picked as the favorite to win the B1G West after a promising spring season and some improvement talent-wise when fall rolled around.

Instead, the Huskers finished 5-7, missing a bowl game for a third-straight season, and the second time under Frost. Now, the head coach has learned a few tricks from his former coach and mentor in Lincoln.

“I understand now why Coach [Tom] Osborne was so mild-mannered. The most he’d ever say about a player is ‘he’s gonna be a pretty good player.’ And I kinda get that now,” Frost said. “Nebraska fans — I love ’em. They’re so excited about it and if you say anything good about a player, all of sudden they’re going to be the next Johnny Rodgers and we’re gonna win the B1G.

“We got a long way to go. But I was very pleased with the first day and it was the best first day of spring we’ve ever had, but the first two seasons didn’t go like we wanted, so we got a lot of work to do.”

In his first two seasons, Frost’s Huskers are just 9-15 with no postseason appearances. Nebraska is hoping to get to that all-important six-win mark this fall and avoid a four-year drought without a bowl game.

While Frost appears to be pretty optimistic about the outlook of his team and the direction of the program, he’s also a little cautious to throw too much out there right now.

It worked for Osborne, so it has to be worth a try.