Scott Frost brought an interesting tradition over with him to Nebraska. It’s a tradition he had at UCF.

The tradition was that players under Frost would have an area code on the front of their helmets, featuring that player’s home area code:

The tradition is a pretty cool one. It is pretty unique and allows a player to represent where they come from. For many, that is a huge deal.

Well for this past Saturday’s game against Northern Illinois, the area codes were taken away. The Huskers won the game 44-8. But on Monday, Frost said to the media that he took the area codes away for that game.

An exchange ensued between him and reporters:

Frost: I took the area codes off for that game.

Reporter: Why did you decide to take them off?

Frost: I don’t know, I took the area codes off for that game.

Reporter: Was it a statement to the team that it’s not about you?

Frost: No, I just kind of made the decision to take them off.

Reporter: Will they be back this week?

Frost: Probably not this week.

The reasoning as for why the area codes were taken off was never really answered by Frost. As for when they are coming back, we’re not too sure on that, either.

Nebraska travels to take on Illinois for an 8 p.m. ET kickoff on Saturday, Sept. 21 with the game being televised on BTN.