Scott Frost’s record in one-score games took yet another hit in Week 2, and he ruined a brilliant run by Nebraska inside Memorial Stadium.

Late during the broadcast of Saturday’s game against Georgia Southern, the FS1 broadcast shared a graphic of the Huskers when scoring 35+ at home. According to the graphic, Nebraska was a flawless 214-0 inside Memorial Stadium (11-0 during Frost’s tenure).

With the 45-42 loss to Georgia Southern, that brilliant record is no more. As if Nebraska needed another reason to get rid of Frost, this could be the final nail in his coffin.

Frost’s record in one-score games also took a hit with the loss, dropping to 5-22 all-time in one-score games. Saturday’s loss is his 10th straight in those instances.

By now, fans are well-aware that Frost’s contract buyout numbers dip drastically once the calendar turns to October. All that’s really left to be seen is if Nebraska can stomach the results for a few weeks longer before finally ridding the program of Frost.