Scott Frost needs a strong showing from Nebraska in 2022. A key piece of how the season will turn out is the performance of the offensive line, a unit that was very underwhelming throughout 2021.

To fix the issue, Frost brought in Donovan Raiola from the NFL ranks to work with the NFL line. So far in training camp, Frost likes what he is seeing from Raiola’s work with the group, at least in terms of an effort capacity.

During his Thursday night radio spot for Huskers Radio, Frost said the offensive line probably has “15 to 20 vomits every day” in practice. To clarify, Frost said it is not because the unit is out of shape, it is simply from working hard.

Frost also said he likes how the unit is performing in terms of aggressiveness off the ball.

Hopefully, that hard work is going to translate into improved play on the field.