Scott Frost understands what it takes to win. As a national championship player and a coach who led UCF to an undefeated season and a Peach Bowl victory, he knows the things a team has to do to produce a winning culture.

Right now, Nebraska isn’t doing those things.

In his weekly press conference on Monday, Frost pointed to the “little decisions and little mistakes” that have cost his team early this season. And he’s not just talking about the stuff he’s seen on the field. The decisions that extend past the field have been affecting the team as well, according to Frost.

“If it was as simple as pinpointing one thing, I think we’d be ultra-focused on that,” Frost said Monday. “It’s details. That’s been our message to the team last week and it will continue to be our message to the team. And it’s not just on the field. It’s deciding whether or not to make it to class and deciding whether or not to be dressed the right way at meetings and deciding whether or not to go home and go to bed and get sleep instead of doing something else.

“Champions make good decisions in every single decision they have. Average people, average teams don’t make those decisions. Little things lead to big things. We’re going to get it right. I don’t care how long it takes and what we have to do. We’re going to make those little decisions matter because little decisions and little mistakes are what have cost us a couple games.”

The little things have indeed cost the Huskers through the first two weeks. Nebraska is the most penalized team (on average) in the B1G and owns the second-worst turnover margin at this point in the season.

A correction to some of those errors and perhaps Nebraska would be 2-0 rather than 0-2 right now.

But Frost was able to turn a winless program at UCF into a powerhouse in just two seasons. The Huskers haven’t enjoyed much success early this season, but they’ve certainly got the head coach in place who can turn things around.

Nebraska will travel to Ann Arbor to take on Michigan in the B1G opener Saturday.