Scott Frost didn’t bite his tongue a year ago. After a few miserable losses early in the season, he talked about the lack of discipline and the absence of a winning attitude in the locker room.

Not 12 months later, Frost says he’s noticed a completely different mindset among his players. It the type of environment he prefers to be around and one he thinks can be successful as he builds a winning culture in Lincoln.

“The biggest difference I see is how kids walk onto our floor more often. They’re around the coaches, they have smiles on their faces. I think everybody is excited,” Frost said, according to Christopher Heady of the Omaha World-Herald. “And that’s a far cry from where we were. When I walked into the first team meeting room it was — you coulda heard a pin drop in there. That’s not the team I wanna coach.

“The attitudes I see and the comradery that I see isn’t even on the same level. Not even close to where it was a year ago.”

Several members of Nebraska’s 2018 team decided to transfer at some point in the season, an action that Frost didn’t take much issue with. He said he wanted a locker room full of players who wanted to be at Nebraska and was dedicated to building an environment of “culture keepers and not culture killers.”

In just one short year, it sounds like the Huskers have already established that kind of culture.

Nebraska brought in a top 25 recruiting class this year, one that ranked No. 4 in the B1G. After a 4-8 campaign, Frost is hoping a few incoming prospects can help make a difference immediately, especially on the defensive side of the football.

Things are already starting to trend in the right direction early in Frost’s tenure.