Nebraska football hasn’t lived up to expectations this season. Why?

You can point the finger at a number of areas, but especially in the Big Ten, teams typically like to hand their hat on their line play. In particular, on offense, everything starts with the offensive line. If it can’t protect the quarterback, good luck.

If it can’t open holes for a running back, it doesn’t matter who’s carrying the ball. Again, good luck with that.


On Thursday night, Huskers coach Scott Frost spoke with the media and talked for quite a while about his offensive line. He mentioned that it’s going to improve down the road and the depth will certainly be aided in this next year’s recruiting class:

“We’re really happy with Matt Farniok, and in a perfect world, I think, and hopefully next year we’ll be able to move him inside, and he would probably do even better there, but he’s been really good for us,” Frost said. “Brenden Jaimes is really talented and has been solid for us. We’re just kind of young in the middle. That group has got better, but I think it’s going to improve by leaps and bounds down the road.

“In an ideal world we’d be able to rotate four guys in the middle and three guys at tackle and be able to spell guys sometimes, so having a little depth is a good thing.”

Of the 13 Huskers committed for 2020, five are on the offensive and defensive lines and two are offensive tackles. The prized recruit at the moment for Nebraska is the No. 1-rated player in the state of Kansas, offensive tackle Turner Corcoran.

The entire Nebraska 2020 class can be seen here.

“I know there are several of them who are going to help us be better next year,” Frost said. “It’s tough to come in as a freshman in the trenches in the Big Ten. When you’re bigger and stronger than people in high school, you can just kind of lean on them. That’s different than coming off and trying to dominate a 21 or 22 year old in this league…it takes awhile. We’re really high on that group of young guys.”