Sometimes, teams have to go through growing pains before seeing positive results.

Hopefully for Nebraska fans, that’s what the Cornhuskers are going through right now. Expectations weren’t absurdly high for Scott Frost’s first season in Lincoln, but the team probably expected to be better than 0-2 after its first two games.

Following the team’s 24-19 loss to Troy at home on Saturday, Frost had a message for his players:

“I just got done telling the team that, when things get tough like this, you have two choices: You fight back and you work even harder or you give up. I also told them if anybody doesn’t want to stay on board with this ride with us, let me know now and get off. Because I know where this is going. We just haven’t had the results early.

“There’s no reverting back to 2017. We just have to make sure that everybody does a better job and everybody practices habits that lead to championships. We have a lot to fix. Coaches have a lot to fix, players have a lot to fix.”

The players seem to be siding with Frost, believing that things will get better.

“I don’t see any other option,” Jerald Foster said. “There’s no quit in this group. We’re going to fight back.”

Team captain Stanley Morgan Jr. was taking ownership.

“Stanley said it’s not on (Frost), it’s on us,” defensive tackle Carlos Davis said. “It’s on us to fix the mistakes and go get that win that we should have got.”

Frost and the Cornhuskers will have a chance and getting its first victory of the season on Sept. 22 when the team travels to Ann Arbor to take on No. 19 Michigan.