Scott Frost’s time in Nebraska could be up, Late Kick host Josh Pate says.

Pate expects the Cornhuskers to pull the plug on the Scott Frost experiment by the end of the season following Week 0’s embarrassing loss to Northwestern. The Cornhuskers led by as much as 11 twice and saw both leads evaporate by game’s end.

“I heard a lot of people saying he needs the Oklahoma game to save his job — Scott Frost doesn’t need the Oklahoma game to save his job,” Pate said, via 247Sports. “He needs the North Dakota game. He needs the Georgia Southern game. I don’t know where in the world we slip into this trance of thinking there are any gimmes or layups for Nebraska right now. They have to come home from Ireland and play a football game six days later … Then they have another once against, by the way, Clay Helton’s Georgia Southern Eagles. Then OU comes in there. At the very least, Saturday had major Every Given Saturday Tour ramifications.

“It just felt like a large chunk of the crowd that was willing to give it one more shot and was behind Scott Frost evaporated. Everybody’s hope that the Frost era would turnaround and that eventually ‘we planted the seed and we waited and waited and finally it breaks ground’ – everybody’s hope was predicated on winning that game. That had to have that. There was no scenario where they lost to Northwestern and it still ends up scaling upwards. If I had to bet money on the coaching futures, no, I don’t think Scott Frost will be there at the end of the year. The buyout, for the record, does drop in October.”

Frost has had four years to prove himself in Lincoln. For what it’s worth, Nebraska would be throwing $7.5M down the drain were they to fire Frost before Oct. 1.