The Nebraska Cornhuskers had a chance to spark an upset over the No. 3 Oklahoma Sooners on the road in Norman. While there were some great moments on the defensive and offensive side of the ball, the special teams could not provide the support needed as Nebraska lost to Oklahoma 23-16.

Fox Sports analyst Joel Klatt feels more positive about the future of Nebraska in the previous seasons. Klatt says there were some key moments in the game versus Oklahoma that showed that Nebraska is on the right path towards successful seasons.

Klatt said that Nebraska did some great things on the defensive side of the ball as they made Oklahoma quarterback Spencer Rattler look average. He complimented the offense with their skilled position players as he also said the offensive line needs work.

Klatt said the main reason that Nebraska lost was in the special teams as they missed two field goals and had an extra point attempt. He believes that the result of the rebuilding process is “closer than you think,” as he is addressing Cornhusker fans.

Finally, Klatt gave a bold take on how progressing the Cornhuskers have shown in the game versus their former conference in Oklahoma. Klatt gave a bold prediction that Nebraska will upset either Iowa, Michigan, Ohio State, or Wisconsin by the end of the season.