It looks like we’ve got a snow game in Lincoln this week!

Saturday’s game between the Gophers and Huskers will be one between disappointed teams. Both teams are below .500 after hoping to put up a strong season.

Now, the two sides are fighting to end the season on a high note. And while the Week 8 game should be a tightly contested one, it looks like the conditions may come into play a bit.

Nebraska’s Event Management page put out a brief video Saturday morning showing the work being done to clear the field from the snow that accumulated over the night and early morning.

Check it out:

Thankfully the forecast has the snow fading out before kickoff time, but both teams will still be in for a cold one. The forecasted temperature for the 11 am local time kickoff is 32 degrees with winds in excess of 15 mph.

Be sure to bundle up for this one!