Students at schools around the B1G are going to have to find ways to occupy themselves this fall. With no college football or other sports during the upcoming semester, those Saturday afternoons from September through November might be pretty boring.

One of the most passionate fanbases in college football resides in Lincoln, Nebraska. Though the Huskers have struggled over the last few seasons on the gridiron, Nebraska fans are some of the most loyal you’ll find.

And, right now, with no football on the docket until at least the winter months, things are already getting a little weird in Lincoln.

Lyndsey Gough of WTOC 11 shared a video from Nebraska Athletics’ TikTok account. And it shows just how desperate things are for entertainment already.

Below is the video shared from Nebraska’s TikTok account recently:

Don’t worry, this won’t be the only weird thing that comes from B1G country during a fall without football. But it shows just how lost some fanbases will be without the sport for at least a few months.