It was not been a good 2021 college football season for Nebraska as it accounted for their fifth consecutive losing season. Nebraska is heading into the final week of the season with an overall record of 3-8 (1-7 in B1G play).

Nebraska feels like it is on a good path with head coach Scott Frost despite a 3-8 record and their current five-game losing streak. Nebraska has scored 314 overall points while allowing 244 points in the season. That’s a whopping +70 for the season.

It doesn’t end there, either.

Nebraska is +7 in points scored versus points allowed in B1G play. The Huskers have scored 218 in points scored while allowing 211 points against B1G play.

Nebraska has scored the sixth most points in B1G play while allowing the sixth-most points in B1G play this season. Seven of the eight games that Nebraska has lost this season have come by a one-possession score.

If pain could be summarized in one statistic, that might be it.

Nebraska will attempt the year on a positive note with a home game against Iowa on Friday.