Nebraska has been on an improbable run over the last week. With just six scholarship players, the Huskers won the season finale against Iowa and have won in the first two rounds of the B1G Tournament, defeating Rutgers and Maryland.

Still, after another less-than-stellar year for the Huskers on the hardwood, there’s plenty of questions about Tim Miles’ future with the program. Whenever the basketball season comes to an end in Lincoln, Nebraska Athletic Director Bill Moos will have a decision to make.

Moos was expected to be in Chicago this week watching the Huskers attempt to make history in the B1G Tournament. Instead, the AD is out in California, getting ready to watch his son play in Cal’s annual spring game. He hasn’t been at the United Center to witness Nebraska’s great run, and perhaps give Miles better consideration to retain his position for next season.

But Miles says he’s not concerned about any of that.

“I think he’s got his spring game, and you know what, I’d want to be at my son’s spring game, too. He can catch us on TV. I’m fine with that,” Miles told the media. “Bill’s a good dude, good guy. He’s told me before, ‘Listen, I’m going to make a decision at the end of the year. It’ll be a difficult decision but retention is an option.’ And I’m just trying to coach and get these guys to get the most out of this experience. It’s a big-boy business. And whatever will be, will be.”

That’s an incredibly calm and rational response to that question. Most coaches wouldn’t even address the question, or would plead for their job. Instead, Miles is focused on basketball and will accept the decision Moos comes to at the end of the year, whatever that may be.

Miles has been in charge of the Huskers for the last seven seasons, compiling a 115-112 overall record during that time. But his teams have made just two postseason appearances, making the NCAA Tournament in 2014 and the NIT in 2018.

After the last three games in the B1G Tournament, Nebraska is almost a lock for the NIT but would need to win the tournament in order to receive an NCAA bid.

Regardless of what happens to Miles, Nebraska’s run over the last week has been spectacular considering the circumstances. When most teams would throw in the towel, the Huskers have pulled off some big wins. They’ll try to shock the world one more time on Friday, when they battle Wisconsin.

Whether or not it’ll be enough to keep Miles’ job is something we won’t know until the end of the season.