Nebraska went 5-7 overall in the 2007 season after starting the year at 4-1. Over the final seven games, which included six losses, the Cornhuskers’ defense allowed not only 45 and 65 points in losses, but 76 points, when the team traveled to face No. 8 Kansas.

Following that season, Tom Osborne, the Cornhuskers’ athletic director at the time, fired the team’s head coach and went with Bo Pelini. Pelini would have his ups, but he also had his downs, eventually being fired in 2014.

“I took a chance on Bo Pelini,” said Osborne on Thursday at the Big Red Today Breakfast, via “Bo won a lot of games, but I didn’t really know probably enough about his character, and some of those things jumped up and bit him and bit the program.

“There were a lot of good things about him, but he didn’t relate well to the press, and in many cases did not relate well to the fans. And so those were the things that were not as good. So, end result I think that it didn’t work out as well as I had hoped.”

Pelini recorded 66 wins over his seven seasons at Nebraska, but apparently, has stayed in the mind of Osborne.

Osborne talked about other things such as his time as a head coach, which can be read here.