Tommy Armstrong Jr. and his wife Jaylyn had quite the scare recently. While with his mother in Mississippi, a neighbor’s house burst into flames.

Armstrong sprung into action and apparently headed into the burning building with his mother to assist their neighbor. Tommy’s wife Jaylyn detailed how they all handled the situation.

“Tommy and his mom are heroes. We’re sitting in her living room and the neighbors house burst in flames. We run over and I take care of the young girl who punched the windows out to break free, Tommy and his mom jump into the burning house to pull the remaining people out.”

Armstrong appeared on the local news after what happened. He originally tried to find bricks or anything that could break open the windows so that the family could escape. Armstrong had to carry one of the trapped neighbors to safety through a window.

“I saw a bunch of smoke, so I just started grabbing bricks and throwing them through the window. I realized that they were trying to get out of the back right window. So, I grabbed her and drug her to the window. I’ve known her since I was a little kid.”

Sometimes heroes don’t wear capes, this is especially true in this case.