Matt Rhule took some time Monday afternoon during his weekly press conference to endorse defensive coordinator Tony White for a head coaching job.

Multiple positions around the country have already opened up with several more well on the way as the season ends a close.

“Yes, you should hire Tony White,” Rhule said Monday. “Tony White should be a head coach. He’s excellent.”

White responded to that sentiment in front of reporters Tuesday, saying he’s “never had a coach stand up there and say that.”

White’s defense at Nebraska has been very strong. The Huskers have allowed just 307 yards per game this season, a mark that sits 6th in the Big Ten but 15th in the country. Nebraska’s scoring defense ranks No. 19 in the country.

Keeping White in Lincoln would be a major advantage moving forward as the offense gels into position. We’ll see if White has a head coaching gig or if he’ll be back in Bloomington next season.