Trev Alberts made it clear whether or not any coaches were fired alongside Scott Frost Sunday.

“Just Coach Frost,” Alberts said during his Sunday afternoon press conference. “Mickey Joseph is the head coach, if he chooses to make some additional changes, we will support those changes as well, but I’m not aware of any he anticipates at this time.”

Frost is the only member of Nebraska that is gone for now. The team is in the hands of Mickey Joseph for the rest of 2022.

Frost was fired Sunday afternoon after starting the season 1-2 with losses to Northwestern and Georgia Southern. Frost has been on the hot seat for much of his career at Nebraska, never recording a winning season with the Huskers.

Nebraska was not willing to work with Frost any longer, and it will pay Frost’s $15 million buyout, Alberts also revealed that detail on Sunday.

Nebraska takes on Oklahoma next week.