Trev Alberts will have his hands full in the opening rounds of March Madness after what took place on Selection Sunday.

Alberts left Nebraska on Wednesday to become the Athletic Director at Texas A&M, and it rubbed many Cornhuskers the wrong way. Alberts was a former 1st-round NFL Draft pick out of Nebraska and won the Dick Butkus Award. He had been the Huskers AD since 2021.

The NCAA demonstrated its sick sense of humor by matching up Nebraska with Texas A&M for both the men’s and women’s NCAA Tournaments. In an attempted show of goodwill, Alberts tweeted about the upcoming matchups, wishing good luck to all 4 coaches.

The tweet did not go over well with Nebraska by any stretch of the imagination. It sounds like Nebraska fans are still fairly mad at Alberts for leaving.

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The range of tweets that were sent Alberts’ way varied from Keisei Tominaga memes and there was even 1 of the AD stabbing Herbie Husker in the back. Some Texas A&M fans relished in the angry tweets, too.

Both Texas A&M and Nebraska made it to the semifinal of their conference tournaments. Texas A&M knocked off Kentucky before losing to Florida in the SEC Tournament.

It’ll be an 8 vs. 9 matchup that many have dubbed the Trev Alberts Bowl. Tipoff will be Friday in Memphis, Tennessee.

Here are some of the best reactions to the matchup: