Trev Alberts is not backing away from the challenges that come with trying to renovate a historically iconic venue like Memorial Stadium. In fact, Alberts acknowledged head-on that many fans are in for significant disruptions during the $450 million renovation project.

At a Thursday press conference, Alberts said Nebraska’s goal is to have one season of disruption with the south stadium reconstruction finalized before August 2026. He admitted there are some challenges to that and noted certain challenges could delay the final product.

“Obviously the hope is to have one season of disruption. So the goal is by August 2026 the south stadium is rebuilt in a way that’s indicative of the quality of the rest of the stadium, but we need to be honest with ourselves,” Alberts admitted. “We live in Lincoln, Nebraska and it’s very hard to predict the weather. Also, we’ve had some challenges in construction relative to supply chain issues.”

He went on to ask the Husker fanbase for their patience and grace in the process as Nebraska tackles “the tough stuff” about the renovation.

“We have one opportunity to do this, we’re gonna rethink everything about Memorial Stadium and we’re going to be willing to do the tough stuff. I would just ask our fans to give us a little grace,” said Alberts. “It is physically not possible to be responsive to 22,000 of our fans on a survey to modernize our stadium in a way that does not cause pain and disruption for our fans. So I would just ask them to be patient with us and try to focus on what the future looks like.”

As a part of those renovations, Alberts also confirmed Memorial Stadium will reduce capacity. While a final number is still up in the air, he predicted a number in the mid-70,000s.

The Huskers have long been proud of the place they call home, and hopefully the renovations only make Memorial Stadium better for years to come.