Trev Alberts is not backing down from setting a huge goal for Nebraska volleyball in the hunt for the all-time attendance record.

On Friday, the Huskers announced historic plans to play a volleyball match inside Memorial Stadium. Dubbed Volleyball Day in Nebraska, the program will play in the football stadium on Aug. 30 this season.

In a press conference related to that announcement, Alberts made it clear the goal is to set an attendance record so far out of reach that any rival program will not even consider an attempt to break it:

“The attendance record for volleyball belongs in the state of Nebraska,” said Albert. “So I’m going to be the first person to say it and you’ll probably hear it from others, but I want to implore Husker nation and I’m going to implore volleyball fans across the state of Nebraska to come to Memorial Stadium. We’re gonna do this once, and I’m going to hope that the number is large enough that nobody dares even try to attack our all-time record.”

Considering Memorial Stadim’s capacity — and the love for volleyball within Nebraska — setting an astronomical record is not out of the question in August.