Trev Alberts stopped by the Big Red Brunch on Thursday as Nebraska prepares to kick off the 2023 season. He included comments on the cost of Nebraska football tickets during his address.

According to Alberts, Nebraska has the 5th-most expensive ticket in college football after all relevant factors are considered. The AD of the Huskers also conceded “that’s not right,” particularly for a program that has been 3-9 recently.

For what it’s worth, the Huskers did finish the 2022 season with a 4-8 record after an upset of Iowa in the season finale. Nebraska did finish with a 3-9 record in 2021 and also finished with 3 wins (a 3-5 overall record) during the shortened 2020 season.

Still, there’s no denying Nebraska maintains one of the most loyal and passionate fanbases in the country, despite the lack of a consistent product to cheer for in recent years. Fortunately, the arrival of head coach Matt Rhule brings a sense of optimism for 2023 and beyond as the Huskers look to rebuild the program.

The Huskers will open this season with a pair of road games away from Lincoln. The first game back in Memorial Stadium comes on Sept. 16 with a primetime affair against Northern Illinois.