Turner Corcoran – a starting offensive lineman for Nebraska – is out for the remainder of Nebraska’s Week 5 game vs. Indiana. Corcoran was tagged for two quick unsportsmanlike conduct penalties in the second quarter, but it was the second that was most egregious.

After blocking a Hoosier defender down to the ground, Corcoran was seen taking a swing at the defender’s facemask. The referee working the game confirmed Corcoran’s ejection in an interesting fashion.

“And No. 69, by his actions, has ejected himself from the game,” said Corcoran.

Head coach Mickey Joseph met Corcoran near the sideline and was seen chewing out the lineman in front of the official before sending him to the locker room.

The loss of Corcoran is a big one for the Nebraska offensive line. The Huskers are also experiencing many of their usual flaws in the game against Indiana.

After building a 21-7 lead, Nebraska has dealt with missed assignments, missed tackles and dumb mistakes – punctuated by Corcoran throwing a punch. We’ll see if the Huskers can rally in the second half.