The third season under Fred Hoiberg for Nebraska basketball was when they were supposed to turn it around. That has not happened yet; they are 6-10 and 0-5 in B1G play with games against No. 25 Illinois and No. 7 Purdue this week.

If Husker fans think this may be close to the end of the Hoiberg era, an article just came out in the Omaha World-Herald where former AD Bill Moos gave Fred Hoiberg an unannounced contract extension back in June of 2020.

You can read the full story from Jimmy Watkins of the Omaha World-Herald down below: ( subscription to the Omaha World-Herald required)

Hoiberg came to Lincoln to resurrect the basketball program, and he has not done that so far in 3 seasons. He was 7-25 in his 1st season, 7-20 in his 2nd season and is currently 6-10 in his 3rd season.

Hoiberg has 5 B1G wins in 3 seasons so far with the team, not exactly taking the program to new heights. Even if Husker fans get frustrated with Hoiberg, the school probably will not be able to move on from him with an $18.5 million buyout.

Nebraska takes on No. 25 Illinois Tuesday night at 8:30 ET on the Big Ten Network.