Urban Meyer is one of the latest figures in college football to give his take on the Nebraska coaching search. He was very complementary of Nebraska’s fanbase per Nick Kosko of 247Sports.

Meyer grew up watching the legendary Tom Osborne’s Nebraska teams. He admitted that when he was at Ohio State, he wore a hat to a game to see how the program was doing. Meyer was surprised at how loyal the fans still were, even after the Osborne era in Lincoln.

Nebraska is one the most unique fan bases I’ve ever experienced. One year when I was a coach at Ohio State, I asked one of my guys that worked with me, I said take me around a little bit. Let’s go incognito a little bit. I just wanted to walk around and I kind of did you know? I put a hat on and just kind of was in disguise and I just wanted to watch this because I grew up watching Tom Osborne and watching Nebraska win national championships. I was a big fan and so the fan support is as good as there is in America. They’re great fans too.

Nebraska fans are also very loyal to their team, according to Meyer. The former Ohio State HC thinks that this will just be a bump in the road for the program, and that a turning point is just up ahead.

And then the game starts and they’re still there. They’re there all the way to the end. They’re as courteous fans as you can imagine. So I would imagine that this is just one of things, it’s a speed bump. They got to get going, but you just wonder to at what point will it ever start to dissipate a little bit? I can’t see it because the ones who grew up watching Nebraska and I’ve witnessed it first hand several times on that field, those are as good fans as there are in America.