Adrian Martinez was having a nice debut as Nebraska’s starting quarterback, but an injury sustained in the fourth quarter sent the freshman to the locker room earlier than expected.

There were several different angles on the play in which Martinez was injured, as people attempted to get an idea of what exactly happened. And one field-view camera angle might give us the best perspective.

Martinez took off into a crowded line on a short yardage play, picking up a few yards. The freshman landed awkwardly, appearing to twist his leg after hitting the turf. Here’s a look at the play that caused the injury.

Nothing malicious about the play at first glance, just an awkward play that resulted in a twisted leg. But there are some people pointing out that a Colorado player may have had a little extra something for Martinez after he went down.

What did you see? Was it a clean football play? Or was there a little unnecessary contact at the end of the play?

There still hasn’t been an update on Martinez’s status.