How long does a coach have to turn over a program and make it his own?

How long does that coach have to win over the fans by making the program a better one than it was before?

Two years? Three years? Four?

Rutgers coach Chris Ash said that the Scarlet Knights could be looking at a four, five or six year rebuild. That may be too long for some fans.

But, how about two games? Is that when you should start seeing big changes?

That’s what it seems like from some people when it comes to Scott Frost and Nebraska. Even at UCF, where the Golden Knights eventually went 13-0 under Frost in Year 2, it took a couple seasons. That’s OK.

Here’s what CBS Sports college football analyst Aaron Taylor had to say about Frost and his rebuilding at Nebraska:

Taylor’s absolutely right here. People need to be patient. If things aren’t turning around a few years from now, then take to Twitter and bring out the pitchforks. But two games in?

Aaron Rodgers may have said it best: R-E-L-A-X.