While college football fans were glued to their televisions awaiting which teams were going to make the playoff this year, Nebraska fans were paying attention to Scott Frost’s introductory press conference in Lincoln.

Nebraska Athletic Director Bill Moos opened the press conference with a typical opening statement. In that opening statement, Moos stated that the Huskers got the pick of the litter when it came to rising head coaches.

Then, Frost went into his opening statement and stated that other places tried to get him to leave UCF. However, he didn’t want to move his newborn baby to a new state. But in the end, Frost wanted to be home.

Later in the press conference, Frost talked about if any UCF assistants are coming with him and if he will need to modify his offensive system in the B1G.


The major thing he talked about, though, was what his thoughts were on Nebraska’s walk-on tradition. Frost loves the idea and wants to make it even bigger.

By the looks of Frost made a good impression. Now, Nebraska fans will hope that Frost can make a good impression on the football field leading the Huskers to victories.