Joel Klatt has stood by his words all season long and he doesn’t have any intention on backing away now.

Throughout the season, the FOX Sports college football analyst has continued to show his support for Nebraska head coach Scott Frost. He believes that, while the Huskers are enduring some serious growing pains, there’s going to be a lot of success in the near future.

Klatt wanted Nebraska fans to know that. He also wants them to stick by Frost and not give up, despite a 0-6 start and a 10-game losing streak.

“Regardless of record this year, you stick with Scott Frost,” Klatt said. “You buy that stock right now because you’re just going to continue to get better, continue to get better. All these transfers, by the way, are a good thing.

“The bottom line is the more kids that leave the program right now, the better. You don’t want them moving forward anyway. You want the kids that want to be there, that want to buy into the program as it is currently constructed and where it’s heading.”

Most Nebraska fans have been loyal to Frost and the direction of the program, despite the sluggish start. But it’s always good to have that friendly reminder.

You can watch Klatt’s full segment below: