The 2019 Big Ten Media Days are coming to a close as we approach Friday night, which means that college football is on the forefront of many people’s minds.

Joel Klatt, of course, is one of those people.

Klatt is a college football analyst, but he was also a QB at Colorado from 2002-05. He knows the game, of course, but he also knows about the Colorado-Nebraka rivalry. After all, he played in it.

On Friday, Klatt was asked about the rivalry and its importance on college football as a whole:

Klatt certainly brings up some good points, and just listening to him talk about the rivalry gets you a bit amped up. Nebraska hates Colorado and vice versa. It’s what got Klatt to love the sport in the first place.

Of course, since Nebraska and Colorado are no longer a part of the same conference, it has been harder to maintain this rivalry. This season, however, the Huskers and Buffaloes will go at it once again on Sept. 7 at Colorado.

Last season, Colorado defeated Nebraska in Lincoln, 33-28.