After Nebraska Athletic Director Bill Moos addressed the media about the termination of head coach Mike Riley, Riley followed and made a statement about him being let go by the Cornhuskers.

Riley was understanding in his statement. However, he was thankful for the opportunity to coach at a place like Nebraska.

“A lot of feelings and emotions for sure,” Riley said. A lot of disappointment, I suppose. But at the same time, I’m going to remain and believe in, remaining thankful. This is an awesome place. B and I have enjoyed it, a ton. She has found a good life here, and a good tennis life, that she can do. I have found a ton of good people. I am really, really thankful for the people I work with. And I am thankful for the many people I have met in the state. In the travels through the state.”

“I appreciate the high school coaches, which, I have gotten a nice chance to develop some really good relationships there. Most of all, I am really thankful for our team. We have been through a lot together. The seniors were able to maintain through the end of this year in a good way and our players came to work everyday. I think that is a credit to their individual character and a credit to our coaches for coming it together through what we all know is a tough time in sports. So, we are appreciative and thankful and probably will reflect on being wishful about  further opportunities. But we know that goes too.”

During three years, Riley went 19-19 with Nebraska and was below .500 in B1G games.

Here are some clips from Riley’s press conference on Saturday.