Nebraska athletic director Bill Moos didn’t see the type of progress he hoped he would in the final stretch of the 2017 regular season. That’s what he told the media shortly after firing Mike Riley.

Moos had a press conference after terminating Riley, providing an explanation behind his decision. He said the 4-8 record, blowout losses and a “fragile” fan base were the primary reasons behind the choice to make a coaching change.

“I had five weeks to observe and asses the Nebraska football program,” Moos said. “From the very beginning, I wanted to weight all my options, and that included retention. But as you know so well, during that period of time we went 1-4, had three blowout losses and I just didn’t feel the program was progressing as I hoped it would.”

“I did feel that our storied fan base is fractured and fragile and that’s very concerning to me. These fans have been through a lot over the last 20 years. They and the university and certain the players and everyone involved, in my opinion, deserve to be in a position to be competing for championship in the B1G and nationally.”

During three years, Riley went 19-19 with Nebraska and was below .500 in B1G games.

Here are some clips from Moos’ press conference on Saturday.