Tanner Farmer is a good guy to have leading your team. Not only has he proven to be one of the best players on the field, he’s proven to be a vocal leader as well.

That was never more apparent than on Monday when the offensive lineman met with reporters to answer some questions about the Huskers’ early season struggles. That’s when he produced one of the best press conference moments you’ll ever see out of a player.

Farmer didn’t get irate or call players out, but he explained what is expected out of each player at Nebraska. He said that some guys don’t “truly know what buying in means” and that the upperclassmen on the team need to show better leadership skills.

He also said that being successful at the college level requires players to make good decisions and to focus on school and football. There isn’t much time for a social life during the season, something he said his teammates could “leave it or take it.”

Below is the full interview from Farmer. It’s one of the best you’ll see: