Birthday celebrations can be one of a kind.

Other times, not so much. A pizza party, a bowling party, a night out on the town. They are all what we’re used to seeing.

But, what about being thrown in a tub by your teammates? That seems a bit unusual, but, comical at the same time.

On Friday, it was Nebraska WR Stanley Morgan Jr. and kicker Barret Pickering’s birthday. Watch to see how their teammates celebrated:

Hint: The two Huskers get thrown in a tub

To start off, Morgan was going to be thrown in by a number of teammates. Then, they handed the star receiver over to who looked to be senior lineman Tanner Farmer.

Farmer is 6-foot-4, 305-pounds. Good decision. Then came throwing Pickering in the tub.

That one didn’t take as much effort.