Scott Frost really does say all the right things. It’s a huge reason why, following a 4-8 season, there was very little criticism of him despite Nebraska’s desire to quickly re-emerge as a college football power.

During B1G Media Days, Frost was asked what makes Nebraska different, setting it apart from the rest of the college football world. His passionate response is one every Husker fan will love.

“Loyal people, that are gonna show up through thick and thin,” Frost said. “(They’re going to) stay for four quarters in a Michigan State game when it’s freezing outside, or stay for four quarters against Bethune-Cookman when we’re up four touchdowns, or not leave their seats when we’re 0-6 and win our first game against Minnesota. That’s the type of people Nebraska has.”

Frost also said that the people of Nebraska are raising kids the right way and have genuine character. It really was 40 seconds of nothing but praise for the people of the state and fans of the program.

Here’s the clip of Frost with his entire statement from Andrew Ward of KLKN: