Scott Frost doesn’t want his players to fear failure. Instead, he wants his guys to pursue greatness.

That doesn’t seem like a really far-fetched concept. All coaches, regardless of sport, want their players to excel and perform to the best of their ability. But for Frost, setting athletes up for success also depends a lot on coaching.

While speaking at a recent event, Frost talked about how he, in his career, at time feared failure. That worry didn’t allow him to make the next big play or perhaps hindered his ability have a game-changing moment. It was because he played for coaches who yelled, screamed and berated players after making a mistake.

That’s not how Frost, or anyone on the Nebraska coaching staff, plans to handle players when mistakes are made. Instead, the Huskers head coach wants his players to have the desire to excel rather than to fear harsh criticism from the coaching staff.

Frost delivered a powerful speech at the event, and it’s easy to see why it’s going viral. Below is the video, posted by Dan Corey of 1011 News.