Nebraska found itself in an odd situation coming out of Week 1.

The Cornhuskers still have a 0-0 overall record. They didn’t play their game due to weather.

The contest against Akron was canceled and Nebraska is looking to see if it will add another opponent onto its 2018 schedule to take the Zips’ place sometime in the future. Prior to the game being televised on FOX, however, Tim Brando — who was on the call for the game — was talking about Scott Frost.

How good will Frost be at Nebraska?

The answer, is, well, pretty damn good:

If Frost is anything like Saban at Alabama, Cornhusker fans will be ecstatic. And, the rest of the Big Ten would be pretty frightened.

All Saban has done with the Crimson Tide is win 5 titles in 9 years. No biggy.

Now, Frost, it’s your turn to bring 5 titles back to Lincoln.