Nebraska enters the 2021 season with skepticism from their peers.

Each offseason, Athlon Sports compiles a list of comments from anonymous B1G head coaches regarding fellow programs in the conference. Sometimes the comments are positive, and this time in the case of Nebraska, quite the contrary. This is a prime example of why anonymity lends freedom for these staffers to voice their opinions.

Nebraska is coming off a 3-5 season in 2020. Nebraska hasn’t had a winning season during Scott Frost’s first three seasons at the helm.

Here’s what some B1G anonymous coaches had to say about Nebraska heading into the season, per Athlon Sports:

“I think it’s time to start talking about the bigger picture here. I don’t think anyone expects Scott Frost to be on the hot seat right now. No one is talking about 2021 as a must-win year for them, at least you don’t hear that on the recruiting trail, but they’re so far from where they expected to be, that’s obvious.”

“You have to start asking some serious questions. Why are you losing a star player to Kentucky? Your most talented offensive players are jumping ship, and it’s because you put their film on and you can’t find an identity. This is not the UCF offense. This is not the Frost Oregon offense.”

“Adrian Martinez is a great athlete but he’s not going to blow you away as a pure thrower and his decision making isn’t always great.”

“Right now they can’t claim to be a developer of NFL talent. A few years ago they had three DL at the Scouting Combine and that was after a year they couldn’t stop anyone’s running game. I’d describe their defensive personnel as world-beaters on the hoof. They look the part before the game. They’re not elite yet, but they had their best year last season for sure and they play the run really well.”

“Something isn’t matching up inside this program. They don’t have a cohesive identity. There are issues related to talent, but the questions all lead straight to the head coach.”

Nebraska is 12-20 under Frost over the last three seasons. The Huskers return their most experienced team and are hopeful to be bowl eligible again in 2021.