Scott Frost is riding quite a roller coaster as the head coach at Nebraska.

He’s seen some highs this year with wins against Penn State and Purdue. But he’s also seen plenty of bumps in the road. That includes Saturday’s loss to Minnesota. Now, the Huskers continue to look for signs of hope as they take on Rutgers in their championship week matchup.

There was a lot of big-picture chatter during Frost’s regularly-scheduled Monday press conference. Some of it included roster turnover.

Any big picture talk almost certainly comes back to whether Nebraska can compete in the Big Ten. That sure happened on Monday.

There always seem to be a myriad of questions surrounding Nebraska’s quarterback situation when it comes to Adrian Martinez and Luke McCaffrey. Some are wondering why McCaffrey didn’t play more. Others are curious about the Husker offense that struggles at times.

Speaking of Nebraska quarterbacks, former Husker Noah Vedral will be on the opposing sideline on Friday as he is now a part of the Scarlet Knights.

Yet again, we are here asking if the Huskers are in fact making any progress. Though we can’t say definitively if they have, losing to Rutgers on Friday would pretty much cement the fact Nebraska didn’t make any progress in 2020.