Coaching means a lot in football.

Baseball? Eh. Basketball? Eh. Either you have the players or you don’t.

But in football, coaching can improve players a lot. And in college football, it may be impossible for a team like Purdue to beat Alabama consistently right now, but if Purdue has the right coach, why can’t it compete in the Big Ten and potentially win it?

Yahoo’s Pat Forde discussed some recent coaching hires and talked about a few coaching around the country. He gave out grades to schools on their hires.

Note: Forde talks about Nebraska’s Scott Frost at 2:15 in the video below.

Forde gives Frost a grade of a ‘C.’ This makes sense. Frost hasn’t exactly shown that Nebraska is a powerhouse just yet — which some thought could be the case in Year 2. However, he has shown the ability to recruit.

There are times when you see Nebraska play and can see the play-makers there. Those guys are obvious. If Frost can keep recruiting the guys he wants to run his system, he make have something going on in Lincoln.

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We just might have to give it a bit more time first.

Perhaps, Frost’s first big break on the field can come this Saturday night when Nebraska hosts Ohio State.