There is an opportunity to partake in an overseas basketball tournament for 2 Northwestern basketball players. Matthew Nicholson and Brooks Barnhizer will be joining a host of college players from around the country in the Select Team Basketball’s Europe Goodwill Tour per

The tournament will have 5 games against various European teams in in the area. Barnhizer and Nicholson played in a combined 26 games for the Wildcats last season. The tournament will take place from Aug. 12 -17. Belgium, Germany, and Holland will be the countries that the opposing teams will be from.

Here is the schedule for the event so far:

  • Aug. 12: vs. Charleroi
  • Aug. 13: vs. Burssel
  • Aug. 14: vs. Hasselt (DH)
  • Aug. 16: vs. Lummen
  • Aug. 17: vs. Gembo

This should be a great experience for the 2 Wildcats players.