Chase Audige is likely the greatest defensive player the Northwestern Wildcats basketball program has ever seen.

He was named the B1G Defensive Player of the Year for this past season, helped lead the Wildcats to the NCAA Tournament and put up performances Evanston will not soon forget. And on Sunday, Audige took the next step in his journey, announcing that he will be entering the 2023 NBA draft while maintaining his college eligibility.

He made the announcement on Twitter Sunday evening.

Audige’s brilliance on the defensive end of the court has already been stated, but he’s capable of some sneaky offense, too. He played very well against Purdue and dropped 16 points during Northwestern’s NCAAT loss to UCLA this past March.

Admittedly, his lack of an elite offensive game is what will keep him in the 2nd round at best, hence his decision to keep his college eligibility. Though he could be a late 2nd round pick, he still has 1 season of eligibility remaining in Evanston.

He has until May 31 to make a decision on entering the draft fully or returning to school.