Pat Fitzgerald has every reason to be unhappy.

When the B1G announced that it would have Friday night games in 2017, he wasn’t happy about it. In fact, he opposed it. Days later, he found out that his team would have not one, but two Friday night games in 2017.

Seven B1G teams had a Friday night game added to their schedules, but Northwestern was the only team in the conference that was handed two Friday night kickoffs.

Fitzgerald was asked about that on Monday. His answer was dripping with sarcasm:

Fitzgerald brought up an interesting point. It’s bad enough that his squad will have to play on Friday night two more times than half the conference, but those games are just two weeks apart (Oct. 13 and Oct. 27).

Sure, his team will get a national audience that it wouldn’t otherwise had on a Friday night. But his team will be able to be on the household of virtually any future opponent.

It’s ironic because the whole reason for Friday night games is exposure. For a coach, exposure isn’t exactly the best thing.

But unfortunately for Fitzgerald, he isn’t the one signing the hundred million dollar TV contracts.