Apparently Northwestern does listen to outside noise.

Pat Fitzgerald confirmed that much on Wednesday after his team upset Pittsburgh in the Pinstripe Bowl. The Northwestern coach said that he showed his team footage of ESPN college football personality Danny Kanell putting 40 confidence points on Pitt.

That supplied a little extra motivation. Fitzgerald made sure to point that out in the postgame interview.

“I just want to know what Danny Kanell is wearing today, because his 40 confidence points are down, Danny!” Fitzgerald said. “Enjoy your 40 confidence points! Appreciate the motivation!”

That then continued at the postgame press conference, where Fitzgerald wasn’t done trolling Kanell for his pick:

For the record, Kanell admitted he was wrong to doubt Northwestern:

Kanell, an admitted ACC homer, was convinced that Pitt would easily take care of Northwestern as touchdown favorites. Instead, the B1G won its second straight bowl game as a significant underdog.

Perhaps Kanell will rethink picking against B1G underdogs and questioning their merit on national television.