Hunter Niswander started the Hall of Fame Game off on the right foot. Literally. Then it went downhill.

Thursday night, the Cowboys and Steelers took the field for the first NFL preseason game of 2021. Niswander, a former Northwestern kicker, started the game solid by knocking down a 29-yard field goal attempt to give Dallas a 3-0 lead.

His other two attempts in the first half did not go well, though.

Niswander’s second attempt from 29 yards out was blocked by Pittsburgh’s special teams unit. His third attempt, a 52-yard try, was nowhere close to the goal posts. Below are the clips:

That third field goal attempt was the talk of social media. A lot of people were taking a shot at the Cowboys kicker after that failed try.

Here are just some of the comments:

To be fair to Niswander, he’s the punter and not the team’s kicker. Obviously, that didn’t stop anyone from criticizing those two attempts.

But he was the reason the Cowboys owned a 3-0 lead on the Steelers at halftime. That should be worth something, right?