Former Wildcats tackle RaShawn Slater was solid during his NFL Debut on Sunday for the Los Angeles Chargers and a lot of people seemed to notice, including a former great linemen.

Joe Thomas, formerly of the Cleveland Browns, tweeted out during the game between LA and Washington that he liked what he saw out of Slater and called his game “smooth.”

Slater was going up against star pass-rusher Chase Young virtually all game long and he was doing a good job with it. They went up against each other in college as well when Young was a Buckeye and Slater actually won that round.

Young remembered that well going into this matchup and offered high praise for Slater:

“He has real good feet, strong hands, you know their whole O-line is looking pretty good. So, you know as a D-line we are excited to get after them.”

The Chargers ended up winning Sunday’s game in Washington, 20-16.