Former Northwestern and current Los Angeles Chargers running back Justin Jackson is doing his part for the community. With the public health crisis leaving many without jobs at the moment, Jackson decided to step in and help out.

On his Twitter account this week, Jackson announced that he has donated 4,000 meals to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. He’s one of several college and professional athletes who have either donated to help families affected by COVID-19, are helped set up donation websites to raise funds.

Jackson also urged others to help out, if they are able.

“Donated 4,000 meals to the [LA Regional Food Bank]. Bills are due and a lot of families will be struggling waiting for government aid,” Jackson wrote on Twitter. “If you have the means, try and help out. Humanity is a community.”

It’s great to see Jackson giving back to the community, and urging others to help as well. In these uncertain times, every little bit helps.