One former Northwestern volleyball player has joined the growing list of lawsuits filed against the Wildcats.

According to ESPN’s Dan Murphy, an anonymous volleyball player filed a lawsuit Monday morning with allegations against the athletic department and coach Shane Davis. The anonymous player claims the university was negligent in response to an alleged incident during the spring of 2021.

The player claims she was injured while running sprints as a “punishment” sanctioned by Davis. She also alleges Davis “enabled a culture of racism, bullying, harassment, hazing and retaliation” within Northwestern’s volleyball program.

The former player’s representation is Parker Stinar and Patrick Salvi, the same lawyers that have filed multiple lawsuits on behalf of Northwestern football players. Stinar and Salvi claim athletes from various sports at Northwestern, including football, volleyball, baseball and softball, have spoken out about a “pattern of a pervasive, schoolwide problem with hazing” in the athletic department.

“Jane Doe’s complaint outlines the institutional failures at Northwestern beyond the volleyball and football programs, shedding light of a corrupt athletic department,” Stinar said in a statement provided to ESPN.

At this point, it is unclear how many lawsuits will eventually be filed against Northwestern, but early indications are the current number will continue to grow in the coming days and weeks.